Cruise season is underway!

Cruise season is underway!
Mini-lander being deployed off the back of the R/V Point Sur, using the new lander-launcher system. Photo courtesy of Justin Blancher.

April 20, 2017

In spite of moderate winds and seas, participants in the spring ECOGIG mooring and lander cruise accomplished nearly all of the cruise goals.  These included the recovery, refurbishment, and re-deployment of a mooring at two separate sites.  The moorings included sediment traps, a single-point current meter, an ADCP, and a camera-equipped sediment trap for measuring in situ particle sinking speeds.  All of these systems worked perfectly, providing considerable amounts of data and samples for analyses. Three mini-landers were deployed at a separate site using the new lander-launcher system and this too went extremely well, with each of the landers being placed within a few meters of the target locations. The third objective was to collect vertical profiles of marine snow abundance using a digital camera system.  Four profiles from the sea surface to the seafloor were collected at three sites.  Next on the schedule is a cruise under the leadership of Arne Diercks on which the three mini-landers will be recovered and redeployed.

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