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ECOGIG project director, outreach staff and graduate students at a Science at the Stadium event. (c) ECOGIG

GoMRI-Sponsored Special Issue of Current: The Journal of Marine Education
March 25, 2019
Outreach coordinators partnered to produce a special issue of the journal!
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Microbial Mysteries: Underway!
February 28, 2019
The 2019 expedition (#microbialmysteries) to the Gulf of California is currently underway!
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Meet the #DeepSeaDuo! ECOGIG releases new video series about the importance of the deep ocean
November 15, 2018
The ECOGIG-produced video series "The Adventures of Zack and Molly" is now available to the public.
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New science outreach paper provides guidance for outreach planning
October 09, 2018

ECOGIG co-authors paper reflecting on lessons learned during GoMRI program and providing recommendations for creating, managing, and implementing scientific outreach plans.

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3rd annual Ocean Discovery Camp
June 14, 2018
Another successful year of camp is in the books!
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ECOGIG Brings the Ocean to Athens, GA!
May 07, 2018
ECOGIG outreach staff visited several schools during the 2017-2018 school year!
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'Jewels of the Gulf' Documentary Now Available!
May 04, 2018
Our film about deep sea coral research in the Gulf of Mexico is now available to watch!
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Grad Student Used Genetics to Explore Oil, Dispersant Effects on Deep Sea Corals
May 01, 2018
ECOGIG graduate student Danielle DeLeo investigated oil and dispersant’s overall toxicity on deep-sea corals and assessed genetic changes.
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ECOGIG attends EarthX 2018
April 25, 2018
EARTHx is a 3-day event held in Dallas, TX every April to celebrate progress, hope, and innovation.
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ECOGIG Documentary Showing at 41st Annual International Wildlife Film Festival
April 20, 2018
"Jewels of the Gulf" will be shown on Friday April 20th in Missoula, MT at the Roxy Theater!
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ECOGIG Student Explores How Ocean Chemistry Effects Microbes
April 04, 2018
Andy Montgomery is a Ph.D. student with the University of Georgia’s Department of Marine Sciences and a GoMRI Scholar.
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7th Annual KITES Festival
March 30, 2018
We brought the ocean to Atlanta!
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2018 Atlanta Science Festival
March 24, 2018
ECOGIG participated in the expo portion of the festival for the 3rd year in a row.
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Clarke County Students Experience UGA
March 09, 2018
ECOGIG outreach staff helped support the 2018 Experience UGA 9th grade field trip, by adding an ocean conservation theme.
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ECOGIG Director Explores Brine Pools for BBC's Blue Planet 2
March 03, 2018
Samantha Joye, ECOGIG Director and UGA Professor, is one of the very few humans who have seen the mysterious brine pools of the ocean floor.
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Students Discover the Ocean in Grayson, GA
January 25, 2018
Outreach staff and ECOGIG students attended family STEM night at Trip Elementary for the 2nd year in a row.
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Teachers participate in Gulf of Mexico research expedition
November 09, 2017
Teachers from the Griffin, GA area got to assist with ECOGIG research related to the AMP-IT-UP curriculum they are teaching in their classrooms!
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ECOGIG partners with STEMZone
November 04, 2017
STEMZone is a brand new University of Georgia campus wide science outreach event held immediately before a home football game.
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The traveling Ocean Discovery Zone!
October 31, 2017
This fall, a number of ECOGIG researchers hosted the Ocean Discovery Zone at festivals at their institutions!
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ECOGIG's 'Jewels of the Gulf' educational video series now available
October 17, 2017
We're excited to announce the release of three new educational videos highlighting ECOGIG's research on deep sea corals in the Gulf of Mexico.
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ECOGIG brought award-winning film Chasing Coral to Athens
October 04, 2017
ECOGIG was proud to partner with several institutions across Athens and UGA to bring the filmmakers of Chasing Coral to Athens for a free public screening and school field trip series in October.
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2017 Athens Clarke County Water Festival
September 09, 2017
ECOGIG took part in this family friendly event - Local organizations came together to educate the public about all things water!
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Congratulations to ECOGIG's Project Director!
August 10, 2017
Mandy Joye was recently announced as a 2017 Fellow of the American Geophysical Union
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Jewels of the Gulf: Meet the scientists!
June 12, 2017
Our coral expedition begins Monday June 12th - meet some of the researchers involved!
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Students dive deep!
May 02, 2017
Students at Chase Street Elementary learned about deep sea exploration
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The ocean visits Philadelphia!
April 29, 2017
ECOGIG researchers set up the Ocean Discovery Zone at the annual science carnival.
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Earth Day Texas 2017
April 22, 2017
ECOGIG Project Director Samantha Joye was in attendance at this incredible event.
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Panel discusses impact of human activity on marine ecosystems
April 20, 2017
ECOGIG participated in this discussion at the Harvard Natural History Museum
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Sharing the wonders of the ocean!
April 12, 2017
Outreach staff visited with K-2nd graders for the second year in a row.
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6th Annual KITES Festival
March 31, 2017
ECOGIG outreach brought the Ocean Discovery Zone to Scott Elementary in Atlanta!
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2017 Ripple Effect Blue Carpet Premiere!
March 25, 2017
New ocean connection films were shown on March 25th at the historic Morton Theatre in Athens, GA
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2017 Atlanta Science Festival
March 25, 2017
We took the Ocean Discovery Zone to Atlanta for the 2nd year in a row!
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Middle school students explore the Gulf!
March 21, 2017
7th graders at Rehoboth Road Middle School in Griffin, GA got a chance to explore the Gulf of Mexico through the Ocean Discovery Zone.
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Nature's Way Montessori school visit
March 20, 2017
Middle school students made their own ROVs with Dr. Vernon Asper!
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Ocean Discovery Camp 2017
February 15, 2017
Sign ups are now open for the 2017 Ocean Discovery Camp!
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Family STEM night at Trip Elementary
January 26, 2017
ECOGIG brought the Ocean Discovery Zone to Grayson, GA!
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Elementa special issue open for submissions
November 29, 2016
ECOGIG Project Director Dr. Samantha Joye is organizing a special feature issue of the journal Elementa. Submissions are currently being accepted online.
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The Ocean Discovery Zone visits Cowan Road Middle School
October 20, 2016
ECOGIG brought the Ocean Discovery Zone to students in Griffin, GA.
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Science at the stadium visited Florida State University's 2016 Homecoming game
October 15, 2016
ECOGIG outreach staff took "Science at the Stadium" on the road to Florida State University on October 15th, prior to FSU's 2016 Homecoming game vs Wake Forest.
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Oxford Science Cafe featured ECOGIG's Dr. Arne Diercks
October 13, 2016
The slow, steady and fascinating sedimentation processes of the deep sea was the topic for October 13th's public science forum organized by the University of Mississippi Department of Physics and Astronomy, featuring ECOGIG researcher Dr. Arne Diercks.
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Discover the ocean at Lamont Doherty's annual open house!
October 08, 2016
ECOGIG outreach staff brought the Ocean Discovery Zone to Lamont Doherty's Open House on October 8th in New York! To see photos from the event, visit our Facebook album.
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First UGA Science at the Stadium event of 2016!
October 01, 2016
ECOGIG outreach staff hosted UGA's first 2016 "Science at the Stadium" event on Saturday October 1st, before the UGA vs Tennessee game in Athens, GA.
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2016 Science at the stadium season kicks off at Penn State's Fan Fest
September 03, 2016
ECOGIG outreach staff took "Science at the Stadium" on the road to Penn State's Fan Fest on September 3rd, prior to Penn State's first home game of the 2016 football season.
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Gulf of Mexico Research Initiative Oceanography special issue now available!
September 01, 2016
This special issue provides a broad overview of the scientific work that has been done under the GoMRI program by GoMRI funded consortia. The issue contains 19 articles, 5 about ECOGIG related scientific discoveries and 1 about the outreach efforts surrounding the Deepwater Horizon accident.
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STEMSEAS joins ECOGIG onboard the R/V Endeavor
July 15, 2016
10 undergraduate students and 2 faculty, all participating in the STEMSEAS program, joined ECOGIG's Dr. Joseph Montoya and several graduate students onboard the R/V Endeavor as it transits from Morehead City, NC to Gulfport, MS. The STEMSEAS students will learn more about ECOGIG's research as well as general oceanographic research on the trip! Welcome aboard everyone!
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ECOGIG wraps up the summer 2016 Ocean Discovery Camp season
June 24, 2016
The inaugural 2016 Ocean Discovery Camp was a huge success- we had so much fun!! All of the photos from camp are available on our Facebook page- week 1 & week 2.
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An ocean oil spill science legacy
June 08, 2016
Today on World Oceans Day, we are reflecting on the progress Gulf of Mexico Research Initiative (GoMRI) funded consortia have made in advancing oil spill research, and subsequently our ability to deal with the ever present threat of oil spills. Due to the groundbreaking research GoMRI has sponsored, we will be better prepared to understand and respond to any future petroleum releases into marine systems.
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Science, Pixar and ECOGIG!
May 23, 2016
The Franklin Institute in Philidelphia, PA recently hosted a Pixar themed "Science After Hours" event, in celebration of the upcoming movie "Finding Dory." Dr. Erik Cordes, one of ECOGIG's deepwater coral experts, participated in the hands on event for the 21 and over crowd.
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ECOGIG brings the deep sea to Oconee Primary School
May 12, 2016
ECOGIG outreach staff visited Oconee Primary School in Watkinsville, GA recently to chat with K-2nd graders about the wonders of the deep sea!
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ECOGIG inspires future scientists at the 2016 Atlanta Science Festival
March 26, 2016
The Atlanta Science Festival is an annual, week long public celebration of local science and technology. ECOGIG brought the Ocean Discovery Zone to the Exploration Expo portion of the festival, which promotes science exploration, discovery and innovation with more than 100 interactive exhibits, hands-on experiments, demos and performances!
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ECOGIG works with Boy Scouts at Badge Advance-A-Rama
February 27, 2016
ECOGIG graduate students, outreach personnel and faculty in the University of Georgia Marine Science department helped teach boy scouts attending the 2016 badge Advance-A-rama about oceanography in order to fulfill some of the requirements of their oceanography badge.
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ECOGIG announces new Ocean Discovery Camp for summer 2016
February 11, 2016
Experience a unique hands-on approach to marine science and ocean conservation at the Ocean Discovery Camp in Athens, GA!!
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ECOGIG Director Dr. Samantha Joye attends AERC annual congressional briefing in Washington, DC.
November 24, 2015
Dr. Samantha Joye recently attended the 2015 AERC (Association of Ecosystem Research Centers) annual meeting in Washington, DC to brief congress on the resilience of the Gulf of Mexico to extreme events, like the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill.
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Science at the Stadium goes on the road to Florida State University!
November 17, 2015
Science at the Stadium went on the road to Florida State University, where ECOGIG researchers Dr. Jeff Chanton and Dr. Ian MacDonald are currently located.  The event coincided with Florida State's homecoming game against North Carolina State.
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ECOGIG Launches Fall 2015 Science at the Stadium Series
September 11, 2015
ECOGIG is launching the fall 2015 Science at the Stadium program to educate and inspire the public about our work in the Gulf and the importance of healthy ocean ecosystems. The series will open on Saturday, September 19th in Athens, Georgia before the University of Georgia home football hame against the University of South Carolina. This year’s Science at the Stadium series will feature the Ocean Discovery Zone!
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Water, water everywhere!
June 23, 2015
Girl Scouts and Brownies from the Oconee County Girl Scout Service Chapter, located in Watkinsville, GA, dove into the Gulf of Mexico with ECOGIG and Dr. Mandy Joye (University of Georgia) during their "Water, Water Everywhere" day camp on June 23rd, 2015.
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ECOGIG Scientists Celebrated 2015 World Oceans Day with Two Events
June 08, 2015
ECOGIG scientists participated in World Oceans Day on Monday, June 8, 2015 by hosting and participating in two events. World Oceans Day is the United Nations-recognized day of ocean celebration and action. People all over our blue planet organize events to support action to protect the ocean. This year, the theme was "healthy oceans, healthy planet."
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E/V Nautilus explores the Gulf of Mexico with ECOGIG
May 04, 2015
A research cruise in the Gulf of Mexico aboard the E/V Nautilus took place April 23-May 4, 2015, led by ECOGIG researchers Dr. Erik Cordes of Temple University and Dr. Charles Fisher of Penn State University. This cruise focused on deepwater corals, their associated communities, and their response to the oil spill. A great 60-second video overview of this ECOGIG expedition can be found on the Nautilus YouTube channel here.
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National Ocean Science Bowl winners get a taste of life on a research ship
April 30, 2015
This year's National Ocean Science Bowl finalists (nosb.org) got a treat at the end of the April 2015 competition held in Ocean Springs, MS. ECOGIG co-principal investigator Dr. Vernon Asper of the University of Southern Mississippi hosted the finalists for an afternoon aboard the research vessel Point Sur, which was just returning from its six-day research cruise in the Gulf of Mexico.
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ECOGIG brings the Gulf of Mexico to North Carolina students
April 19, 2015
ECOGIG co-principal investigator Dr. Andreas Teske with UNC-Chapel Hill recently gave a talk on the Gulf of Mexico at the North Carolina Marbles Kids Museum- a science fair and cinema center in Raleigh that provides a venue for science-related events, talks and activities for school kids.
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What a Matchup! SEC Football and science at the stadium
October 21, 2014
ECOGIG recently launched the “Science at the Stadium” education program to connect fascinating undersea research technology with the thrilling college football atmosphere.
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Interview: Deep-Sea Researcher Dr. Samantha Joye on Microbes in the Gulf
August 06, 2014
Ocean Conservancy interviewed Dr. Samantha Joye  for their "Blog Aquatic" series, profiling scientists who are championing marine research in the Gulf of Mexico.
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November science cafe highlights Gulf of Mexico research
November 19, 2013
Oxford (MS) Science Cafe hosted ECOGIG researcher Dr. Arne-R. Diercks on November 19, 2013. His talk was about autonomous underwater vehicles used for oil spill research and included discussion about the University of Mississippi and University of Southern Mississippi collaboration operating two autonomous underwater vehicles, Eagle Ray and Mola Mola, and how they perform seafloor surveys at depths down to 2,000 meters.
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ECOGIG hosts media during a rare tandem Gulf of Mexico research cruise.
July 05, 2013
ECOGIG scientists studying the impact of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill invited the media aboard their research vessels recently during a stop at the Port of Gulfport. Much of their research has focused on the oil spill's impact on coral reefs in the Gulf.
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Chasing the hidden effects of Deepwater Horizon oil
June 22, 2012
The June, 2012 R/V Endeavor cruise prompted five Chronicle of Higher Education articles written by Josh Fischman, who joined the cruise.
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