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The Augustus Longstreet Hull Award

The Athens Historical Society has created the Augustus Longstreet Hull Award as a way to publicly recognize and honor those individuals whose long and extraordinary service to our organization and the community at large has significantly impacted the study and recordation of the history of Athens, Georgia, and its surrounding area. In bringing attention to those who have helped preserve the historical record of the Classic City and the surrounding counties, we hope to generate interest in the general public for the mission of the Athens Historical Society, as well as the accomplishments of those receiving the award.


The Name of the Award

The name of the Augustus Longstreet Hull Award is intended to honor the author and editor of Annals of Athens, Georgia 1801-1901, Augustus Longstreet Hull. Through his own research and writing, and compiling the memories of his father, Reverend Henry Hope Hull, Annals of Athens preserved much of the early history of Athens, Georgia, and provided detailed, unique information which otherwise would have been unrecorded and lost to future generations. This book now serves as a foundation for modern historians and researchers of Athens's rich nineteenth-century history, and provides an example of the type of service his namesake award is intended to honor. 

Augustus Longstreet Hull



Nominations for the Augustus Longstreet Hull Award can be submitted by any member of the Athens Historical Society.  The nomination must be submitted to the Athens Historical Society Board of Directors, or any individual member of the Board, who will present it at the Board's next meeting for consideration. The Board can vote to either consider the nomination at a subsequent meeting or table the nomination for up to one year to allow for additional nominations to be acquired and considered. 

Nominations for the Award can be made at any time, however a deadline of September 1st is required for the calendar year, with all nominations submitted after September 1st rolling over to the the next year. While we prefer the use of the nomination form provided on this page, any other format that includes all the relevant information will be considered. The Board reserves the right to request further information from the person who submitted the nomination, if necessary.

A simple majority of the Board is required to bestow the Hull Award, taking into consideration the following criteria:

* The candidate’s length of service to Athens and/or the Athens Historical Society; 
* Quantity of the works performed;
* Importance to research or the community at-large of the work performed;
* Varied aspects of contribution to the historic community and/or knowledge base of Athens and/or Athens-area history;
* Unique quality of the work of the candidate; 
* The example the candidate has set to encourage others to emulate.

Download the Nomination Form

Once the recipient or recipients is chosen, AHS will present the Hull Award at our Annual Meeting in January.  As this award is intended to recognize only those who have given great service to Athens, AHS, and/or the historical community, if no one is nominated or gains enough votes by the Board to receive the award, then no award will be given that year.

Previous Recipients

2015 Augustus Longstreet Hull (accepted by his descendants) 

2016 Patricia Irvin Cooper (accepted by her daughter, Alice)

2017 Mary Bondurant Warren

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