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Mission and Purpose

The purposes of the Athens Historical Society are: 

1. To discover, collect, and preserve all materials, especially orginal and source materials, pertaining to the history of Athens, Clarke County, adjacent counties and related areas.

2. To disseminate this knowledge for enlightenment of our citizenry through preparing, editing, and publishing historical materials descriptive of Athens and related areas, or sponsoring programs and activities of historical interest.

3. To promote historical research.

4. To promote preservation and perpetuation of historic sites.

5. To bring together those interested in the history of these areas.

6. To promote and stimulate public interest in and appreciation of the history of Athens and related areas, and to develop in every way an understanding of their historical past.


Statement of Diversity and Inclusion 

The Athens Historical Society is committed to the preservation of a collective history of the people of Athens, Georgia. We are guided by the belief that an inclusive perspective of the past must uphold historical truths, must encompass multiple voices, and must not suppress uncomfortable information that that helps explain why we are the way we are today. In pursuit of these goals, we will actively work to appeal to all Athens citizens through a wide array of historical topics and by fostering external  partnerships that expand our perspectives. 

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