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Dr. Annalisa Bracco

Dr. Annalisa BraccoPrincipal Investigator
Georgia Institute of Technology


Dr. Bracco has an extensive background in computational fluid dynamics and physical oceanography. Her research interests include (1) coastal ocean circulation, with focus on meso- and sub-mesoscale processes, (2) ocean predictability and inverse dynamics, (3) ocean decadal variability from coastal to global-scales and (4) impacts of physical forcing on ecosystems. She is the recipient of the 2011 N. Fofonoff award for “contributions to understanding mesoscale ocean dynamics, geostrophic turbulence, and tropical dynamics, and their coupling with marine ecosystems”. Her group will be responsible for high resolution modeling of the Gulf circulation.

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Energetics & Ecosystem Modeling











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Guanpeng, Liu

Joshi, Keshav

Liu, Guanpeng


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