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Athens Historical Society has several committees where you can help us further our goals of sharing Athens history!

Just contact us at athenshistorical@gmail.com and let us know what you'd like to do and when you can help.


This committee acts as a hospitality committee for our programs. This committee assists with the myriad tasks necessary for a successful event, from setting up for a speaker to just providing a ride to those who might need one to attend our events. Here, you get to be the friendly and helpful face of Athens Historical Society!


This committee helps recruit new members to Athens Historical Society, assists with mailings, and other activities associated with being a member of AHS.  It's a great way to network and introduce the history of Athens and Clarke County to new people.


Do you have a specific area of Athens history expertise? Are you passionate about historical accuracy?  We value the knowledge and skills possessed by our membership, and realize that one person's question can be another's favorite Athens fact. In this committee, you will be asked to share that knowledge, and help us educate and inform others. 


This committee works with all three of the committees above, as the website and the rest of our Internet presence grows. It is a behind the scenes way to support AHS, one that is absolutely necessary for getting the word out about our events, our publications, and education about Athens history. 

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