10th Annual Athens Water Festival

10th Annual Athens Water Festival
Building deep sea corals to take home! Photo courtesy of Athens-Clarke County.

September 07, 2019

Just like Toy Story brings toys to life, water brings us life. The 10th Annual Water Festival, held at Sandy Creek Park in Athens, GA had a Toy Story theme this year, which was a lot of fun! Visitors took part in a wide variety of activities, including water trucks, music with a DJ, kayaking, a Toy Story photo booth, a magician, water critters, and of course, the Ocean Discovery Zone courtesy of ECOGIG!

Visitors to the Ocean Discovery Zone learned about deep sea corals and designed their own to take home, drove a model version of a ROV (remotely operated vehicle) and crafted a deep sea tube worm puppet!!

This year's festival had over 1,000 people attend, including 200 presenters and 65 volunteers! Click to learn more about the festival, which happens yearly in September.

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