The traveling Ocean Discovery Zone!

The traveling Ocean Discovery Zone!
Dr. Laura Lapham helping her mom and her son drive the ROV at Patuxent River Appreciation Days in Solomon, Maryland! (c) ECOGIG

October 31, 2017

ECOGIG has 29 researchers at 15 institutions, spread around the United States. Many of our researchers love the idea of the Ocean Discovery Zone (ODZ) and have requested its presence at festivals hosted by their instutitions. The ECOGIG outreach office created a traveling version of the ODZ and sent it off to 4 different festivals this fall. It was a hit with visitors young & old, and we hope to be able to make this a yearly tradition with our researchers! To view photos of the ODZ set up at different festivals, click on the links below:

2017 Patuxent River Appreciation Days

2017 Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory Open House

2017 Ocean Discovery Day at University of New Hampshire

2017 WPSU's "Eventapalooza" - Ocean Friends Forever in State College, Pennsylvania

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