ECOGIG Attends Gordon Research Conference

ECOGIG Attends Gordon Research Conference

July 14, 2019

ECOGIG Director Dr. Samantha Joye and graduate student Hannah Choi attended the Applied and Environmental Microbiology Gordon Research Conference. The theme this year was Shaping the Earth's Microverse.

Graduate student Choi had a great experience at the conference:

"It was interesting to see how all the sort of subtopics threaded into that high level theme, and it became really clear to me why "Applied" and "Environmental" dovetail so nicely. I personally don't think of myself as much of a microbiologist or applied scientist, but being around lots of people whose research is more in those areas pushed me to think about my work in a different way. I definitely walked out of the conference with lots of ideas about how to push my ideas and my current datasets farther."

Choi presented a poster summarizing three years of methane oxidation in the Gulf of Mexico water column at a poster session during the conference. Dr. Joye was a discussion leader for one the sessions titled "The Microverse of the Anthropocene." She gave a great summary about how we can use microbes to help solve some of the crises that are happening now (or looming on the horizon).

To learn more about the Gordon Research Conferences, you can visit their website.

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