ECOGIG conducts another cruise in its post-Deepwater Horizon accident time series

ECOGIG conducts another cruise in its post-Deepwater Horizon accident time series
The R/V Falkor. Photo courtesy of Schmidt Ocean Institute.

November 01, 2012

Two researchers from the University of Georgia - Post Doc Sara Kleindienst and PhD student Maggie Esch - are part of a twelve person science team led by chief scientist, Ian MacDonald (Florida State University), that is sailing on board the research vessel Falkor to study the repercussions of the Macondo blowout on Gulf of Mexico benthic ecosystems. The cruise will sail between Nov. 6 and Nov. 28, 2012. Kleindienst and Esch will conduct biogeochemical studies of sediments and waters, determine rates of sediment and water column microbial activity, and do experiments to evaluate the potential for resuspension of weathered oil from the seafloor. This cruise represents the 18th sampling expedition that Joye group scientists have participated in or received samples from as part of our study of the Macondo Blowout. The Falkor is owned and operated by the Schmidt Ocean Institute (SOI) and SOI is contributing the operations of R/V Falkor, all of its embedded equipment, ROV Global Explorer MK3, as well as the associated technical and logistical support. Sailing on Falkor represents a fantastic opportunity for ECOGIG scientists and for the ECOGIG program. The science party will be visiting sites around the Macondo wellhead as well as several coral sites to the North and several natural seeps to the South.  

For a cruise log of the happenings upon the R/V Falkor during the Nov. 6 through Nov. 28 expedition, go to the Schmidt Ocean Institute website to its cruise log.

For another perspective of the R/V Falkor expedition, see the postings of Bonny Schumaker of On Wings of Care, who is providing some aerial oversights. On Wings of Care, Gulf 2012.

The 18 sampling expeditions mentioned above in which Joye Group scientists have been involved are listed below by research vessel and date. In addition, participation in three to four more cruises per year for Macondo oil spill research are planned for 2013 and 2014.

1. Pelican - 1 (May 2010)

2. Walton Smith (May 2010)

3. Pelican - 2 (June 2010)

4. Walton Smith-2 (June 2010)

5. Nancy Foster-1 (June 2010)

6. Nancy Foster-2 (July 2010)

7. Oceanus (August 2010)

8. Hatteras (August 2010)

9. Arctic Sunrise (September 2010)

10. Pelican-3 (October 2010)

11. Atlantis (December 2010)

12. Endeavor-1 (July 2011)

13. Hatteras (July 2011)

14. Endeavor-2 (April 2012)

15. Endeavor-3 (May 2012)

16. Endeavor-4 (June 2012)

17. Endeavor-5 (Sept 2012)

18. Falkor (Nov. 2012)

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