STEMSEAS joins ECOGIG onboard the R/V Endeavor

STEMSEAS joins ECOGIG onboard the R/V Endeavor
2016 STEM SEAS students in front of the R/V Endeavor, the night before they left on their transit. Welcome aboard! Photo courtesy of STEM SEAS.

July 15, 2016

ECOGIG researchers and students begin their first research cruise of the summer in the Gulf of Mexico aboard the R/V Endeavor on July 23rd, 2016. But first the Endeavor must travel from Morehead City, NC to Gulfport, MS. During any transit (from where the ship has been tied up prior to the cruise to where it will dock before leaving for the research cruise), there are usually just a handful of people on board to set up the ship and equipment for the cruise. This is usually the ship's crew and a handful of researchers who need the extra time to get things ready before the research cruise starts next week. This time around, the R/V Endeavor has full bunks containing some very special guests- STEMSEAS students!!

STEMSEAS stands for "Science, Technology, Engineering and Math Student Experiences Aboard Ships."  This program, which is in its very first year, aims to provide ship-based, 6-10 day exploratory experiences for undergraduates from diverse backgrounds aboard NSF-funded research vessels. The students sail with experienced faculty mentors and engage in geoscience and oceanography activities, while also having fun!

STEMSEAS participants will be blogging from the ship- stay tuned to read more about what they are learning!

The STEMSEAS Facebook page will be very active during the cruise - check it out here.

To learn more about STEM SEAS you may visit their website here.

To read blogs from STEM SEAS students on board the R/V Endeavor, you may visit their blog here.

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