Fall mooring and lander cruise starts today!

Fall mooring and lander cruise starts today!
ECOGIG researchers recovering a lander on the 2016 cruise aboard the R/V Point Sur. (c) ECOGIG

September 11, 2016

ECOGIG researchers left on September 11th, 2016 on a short, week-long cruise in the Gulf of Mexico aboard the Point Sur. The main goals of the cruise were to recover and redeploy the mooring at station OC26 in the Gulf, and recover the nearby lander. That lander was re-deployed at GC767 along with 3 “mini landers” from UNC.  In addition to this work, researchers did some extended pumping/filtration of hydrocarbons, tested a new imaging and lander deployment system, obtained some marine snow abundance profiles, and acquired samples for shipboard laboratory analyses.

To learn more about this cruise and see photos and cruise updates from the Chief Scientist, visit our expeditions page to see the latest information.

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