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Dr. Jennifer Field

Dr. Jennifer FieldPrincipal Investigator
Oregon State University


Dr. Field is an environmental analytical chemist with a specialty in the analysis of polar emerging contaminants and in surfactants in particular.  She has extensive experience in reverse engineering surfactant formulations mixtures to identify the composition of the mixtures. Recent work focuses on the identification of the Corexit dispersant components and the development of sensitive method for the dioctylsulfosuccinate surfactant (DOSS) and its hydrolysis products in seawater.  She will lead the efforts to quantify the occurrence and transformation of the Corexit components in the Gulf of Mexico and at understanding oil-dispersant interactions and effects.

Research Themes

Hydrocarbon & Dispersant Chemistry


Students and Post-Docs

Davis, Shannon

Perkins, Matt

Robel, Alix


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