The ocean visits Philadelphia!

The ocean visits Philadelphia!
Visitors to the Ocean Discovery Zone got to drive model ROVs and learn about deep sea coral research! (c) ECOGIG

April 29, 2017

ECOGIG researchers from Temple University took the Ocean Discovery Zone to the 2017 Philadelphia Science Carnival to share the wonders of the ocean and their research on deep sea corals with science interested visitors!

The Ocean Discovery Zone is an exhibit booth and hands-on activity station designed to give non-scientists of all ages access to information about the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill, the Gulf of Mexico and the importance of healthy ocean ecosystems. Visitors can meet and talk with ECOGIG marine scientists to learn about their research expeditions and the tools they use to collect information about the deepwater ecosystems of the Gulf. Exhibit highlights include a deep-sea coral Build*Draw*Learn station, simulated natural gas seep, and a tank where participants can drive a model ROV (remotely operated vehicle) and become an honorary member of the ECOGIG ROV pilot team. Participants can also interact with a variety of displays and videos to learn more about the amazing and unique Gulf of Mexico ecosystems and our work to assessing the impact of the Deepwater Horizon accident on those systems.

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