ECOGIG attends EarthX 2018

ECOGIG attends EarthX 2018
The ECOGIG outreach booth at EARTHx 2018. (c) ECOGIG

April 25, 2018

The ECOGIG outreach office exhibited at the 8th annual EARTHx! This is an annual forum for sharing the latest initiatives, discoveries, research, innovations, policies, and corporate practices that are reshaping our world. This three-day free event is held in Dallas, TX every April to celebrate progress, hope, and innovation and is the largest event in the world of its kind. EARTHx brings together environmental organizations, businesses, academic institutions, government agencies, speakers, interactive programming, and subject matter experts along with live music and sustainable beer and food pavilions. EARTHx creates a fun and engaging atmosphere for thought and experiential learning while encouraging attendees to be the change they wish to see in the world! In 2017, EARTHx hosted more than 100,000 attendees, over 900 exhibitors and 260 speakers, becoming the largest annual environmental exhibition and programming initiative in the world.

ECOGIG outreach staff set up an Ocean Discovery booth at the event, educating visitors about the deep sea and the work ECOGIG researchers are doing to understand the impacts of the Deepwater Horizon accident on the Gulf of Mexico's deep sea ecosystems. Visitors could learn about and build deep sea tube worms, learn more about deep sea corals, watch videos about the Gulf of Mexico and interact with ECOGIG outreach staff. ECOGIG Director Mandy Joye also spoke at the concurrent EARTHxOcean conference.

Check out the EARTHx facebook page for more photos and videos of the event!


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