Science, Pixar and ECOGIG!

Science, Pixar and ECOGIG!
Dr. Erik Cordes and his wife, Brooke Cordes, at the Science After Hours event

May 23, 2016

The Franklin Institute in Philidelphia, PA hosted a Pixar themed "Science After Hours" event on May 23rd, in celebration of the upcoming movie "Finding Dory." Dr. Erik Cordes, one of ECOGIG's deep sea coral experts, participated in the hands on event for the 21 and over crowd.

The Science After Hours program is an evening event series exclusively for adults 21 and over, featuring experiments, demonstrations, games and innovative and engaging science curated by the museum. This event draws a large audience to the museum about once per month, and the basic setup of the evening is a free-form round robin, where visitors roam around and stop by tables to do a fun activity or game where they learn some amazing science. Dr. Cordes featured the research he's doing with ECOGIG on deepwater corals and also shared some information about shallow water coral reefs, where you might find Dory spending some of her time! Visitors to the table got to make their own corals and drive a miniature submarine around a tank!


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