Most Recent Cruise: Jewels of the Gulf: Deepwater Expedition ()

ECOGIG study sites in the Gulf of Mexico. (c) ECOGIG

Research vessel: Ocean Intervention II
Dates: 6/12/2017 - 6/22/2017
Port: Port Fourchon, LA
Chief Scientist(s): Dr. Iliana Baums

The ECOGIG team will send a Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV Global Explorer) to depths of over 1000 meters. Using high-resolution cameras mounted on the ROV, the team will capture hundreds of still images of corals they have been monitoring yearly since shortly after the spill in 2010. These photographic data will be collected and analyzed - along with images from prior expeditions - to document the spill’s impacts and improve understanding of the mechanisms that influence coral recovery and survival.

Penn State graduate student Fanny Girard with the ROV Global Explorer on the September 2016 coral cruise. (c) ECOGIG

“Continued monitoring is critical,” according to Professor Chuck Fisher of Pennsylvania State University, “after seven years the 500-year old corals are still recovering from the effects of the spill and their ultimate fate is still not known. A lot remains to be learned about these amazing and beautiful animals.”

ECOGIG communication and outreach specialists aboard the expedition will connect the expedition to the public in variety of ways, including live ROV question and answer sessions connecting scientists on board with school children and summer campers across the United States, a live ROV camera feed accessible throughout the expedition, and videos featuring ECOGIG scientists available via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Additional content - short videos, images, podcasts, and a short documentary - will become available after the expedition.

Deepwater corals imaged during the September 2016 cruise. (c) ECOGIG

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