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Dr. Peter Girguis

Dr. Peter GirguisPrincipal Investigator
Harvard University


Dr. Girguis is a John L. Loeb Professor of Natural Sciences at Harvard University. His research focuses on the ecological physiology of microbes that live in extreme environments, namely the role they play in mediating deep ocean carbon and nitrogen cycling. He is particularly interested in the physiological and biochemical adaptations to life in these environments. His research lies at the intersection of biology and geochemistry, and he develops and uses a variety of tools (high-pressure systems to mimic natural environments, in situ mass spectrometers, in situ microbial samplers, in situ microbial fuel cells), some of which are being used to address key questions in the ECOGIG program. 

Research Themes

Biogeochemical Studies

Microbial Community Dynamics



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