Biogeochemical Studies

Biogeochemical Studies
The submersible ALVIN ready to take samples of Gulf of Mexico sediment using push cores. (c) ECOGIG

ECOGIG biogeochemical studies reflect a comprehensive effort to document the connections between geological and geochemical processes and to identify the microorganisms that respond to those processes. 

The researchers working within this theme aim to address components of the following ECOGIG research area: 

Clarify the biogeochemical dynamics, processes, and ecosystem impacts of natural hydrocarbon (oil & gas) seepage in the Gulf of Mexico ecosystem.

There are three parts to this theme and some of these components are interwoven with other themes (for example the plankton & water column dynamics theme): 

1) Measure seafloor releases of hydrocarbons, oxygen, etc. using underwater monitoring platforms.

2) Measure the response of the sediment microbial community to these releases by measuring rates of key microbial processes.

3) Measure the response of the water column microbial community to hydrocarbon releases.

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